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Using Predictive Analytics for Flu Prediction

The NYTimes did a piece today about the use of predictive analytics in analyzing the spread of the flu virus.  The source of the data?  Google searches.  The algorithm could accurately predict when the virus would peak 65% of the time.  That’s not too bad, and just think about it–the analysts are predicting this without drawing any blood, having any doctor intervention, etc.  This is based purely on Google searches!

Click here for the story.

Started my Masters in Predictive Analytics

Today I started the program at Northwestern University.  My first two courses are a strategy course in Predictive Analytics (business side) and a Statistical Methods course (numbers side).  I am really looking forward to the deep dive into the subject after a number of years of using some of these technologies.

The other students look highly qualified and accomplished, with many coming from senior positions at Fortune 500 companies, consultancies, predictive analytics vendors, and others.  Click here to see the program.