Microsoft has lost its mind

I have been using Skype for 15 years.  I’ve liked it and I’ve stayed with it.  There are a lot of telephony offerings out there, but I have been unwilling to part with my Skype account.  But Microsoft lost its mind with the most recent rollout, and they turned a long-time, satisfied customer into one that has decided to walk away.

A short list of the problems I encountered:

  • Changes in interface to non-windows standards (e.g., the Close X is in the upper left instead of upper right now)
  • Poor rollout.  The application displays text in 4-6pt for high-resolution monitors which is too difficult for an older person to read.
  • Mandatory loss of my old Skype password and required use of an msnlive email account.  Don’t want, don’t need it.
  • For a telephony offering, they no longer support telephone customer service.  The lack of medium is the message.  Bad choice.
  • Loss of features.  One cannot save one’s contacts from the new application, and, one doesn’t even get to see the entire list to scroll through it.  You have to guess what you’ve named it to pull it up.

BUT GOOD NEWS FOR THE DEPARTING!  They still have a download link to their classic Skype software.  Link: Once you download it, then you have options to save your contacts so that you can then depart forever.

I’ve sent them a couple of feedback items.  No response at all.  I guess they did not like my criticism of their new application.  I predict that they lose a significant number of customers with this, and most will migrate to Google Hangouts where calling in the US is FREE and even your phone number is FREE.

I guess I just don’t understand the arrogance that it takes to assume that your long-time customers will just swallow this sort of stuff as it is crammed down their throat.  Between Google Hangouts and WhatsApp, I think I am covered.

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