Continually impressed by humanity’s ingenuity!

I sort of hope that I am not easily impressed, but I will say that mankind continually impresses me with its ingenuity to apply knowledge to create things from blank sheets of paper and investigative curiosity.  Take, for example, a new self-stabilizing flying object that is based on mathematics discovered at NY University.  Click on this link for a video.

Humans first tried to fly by creating flapping wings.  Only when they went to fixed wings creating lift with a separate power source did they take off.  A completely artificial form of flight even if we know now that bird wings share a airfoil shape and how that works.  In the same way, these academics looked at objects and math, not objects in nature.  That’s pretty inventive.  I am impressed.  I’d sort of like to get a tiny motor and make one of those things. 🙂

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